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postheadericon Fuel & Luboil Test Equipment

Sheerline Petrochemicals Ltd is the exclusive agent of MARTECHNIC. 

The Hamburg based company, MARTECHNIC, was established in 1997 as an independent and fast growing company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for Fuel, Lub & Hydraulic Oil Management.

MARTECHNIC provide kits & instruments that are designed to be used with ease & accuracy by personnel in the field.

What Range of Test Kits does Martechnic Supply?
 Water in oil Viscosity
 BN ( Alkalinity Reserve) Flashed Point
Compatibility Insoluble
Pour Point Sat water Determination TAN

Why Choose Martechnic?
MARTECHNIC’s test kits enable users to test and evaluate Fuel, Lub & Hydraulic oil on site freeing operators from the inevitable delay & dependence of analysis through external laboratories. By using our products with their short and easy to handle test procedures one gets nearly instant confirmation of essential lube oil properties, enabling to take effective decisions right at the time when it is required which in many cases may prolong maintenance intervals and even the life of the engine.